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Inner balance

Well-being is perhaps a buzzword, but it is the best concept to describe our overall health, both inner and outer, - so mental, physical and spiritual.

If well-being is often associated with good nutrition, regular physical activity, yoga or meditation, we believe that true well-being begins with the mind. And that it influences the body and the mind.

In fact, this inner-balance works like a virtuous circle: if your mind is healthy, your body follows naturally, and if your body is healthy, then your mind is in harmony with it.

A healthy mind, a healthy body.
A healthy body, a healthy mind.

This illustrates the concept that well-being is holistic.

To this, is added the vital role of water that makes up more than 70% of our body and is therefore its most important nutrient.

The importance of water

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Did you know that water is sensitive to words?

Masaru Emoto is a Japanese researcher who has studied water for many years. What he discovered may seem incredible, but it is true: water is affected by human emotion, to the point of changing its structure.

By analyzing the forms of water under the microscope, he noticed that the words "I hate you" produced an unpleasant and irregular form; while the words "love" and "gratitude" gave symmetrical and pure forms.

From this experience comes the idea that if our body consists of at least 70% water, then our thoughts and emotions directly affect the health of our body.

Imagine the effect that our thoughts can have on our body ... and the beneficial effect that a spring water has on our overall well-being!

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