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Vital Eau de Source

Healthy, natural, pure ... These are a few words characterizing Vital eau de source. Launched in 1991, Vital is the first spring water in Mauritius and is ideal for infants. The Vital bottle is an element of the everyday life of the Mauritians with its cyan iconic cap.

Praised for its taste, Vital eau de source truly brings a blow of freshness...

Vital spring water is available in bottle in PET or glass and comes in several formats ranging from 0.5L to 1.5L in order to satisfy you.

Vital Sparkling

Pep, bubbles ... and fun! The bubbles of Vital sparkling are very stimulating for the taste and offer you a gustative and festive experience.

Vital Sparkling can be enjoyed alone or be mixed according to your desires. This water is also health friendly since it contains no calories!

Vital Côté Fruits

A touch of exoticism ... Containing neither sugar nor colorants, Vital Côté Fruit, pioneer on the local market, is a sparkling water that combines health and pleasure thanks to its peach and lemon flavors. Vital Côté Fruit is available in 0.5L and 1L format.

Vital Sirop

The syrup for the young ones ... and our inner children! Made from concentrated fruit, Vital syrups offers six different opportunities to enjoy with strawberry, almond, cane, mint, blackcurrant and rose flavors. A true delight when accompanied by Vital eau de source well chilled!

Vital Fontaines

At the office, in your kitchen or while waiting for an appointment, with Vital Fontaines at your fingertips, here is a good opportunity to recharge your batteries, to take a good break thanks to this source of fresh water, at room temperature or hot temperature to quickly make a tea or a coffee. Economical, convenient and ecological, Vital fountains have all the reasons to please you.

Available in 10L and 18.9L, you can now Shop Online at

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