Vital Eau de Source

Since its creation in 1991, Vital eau de source has taken care of the health and well-being of its consumers. Indeed, we are aware that health is of crucial importance. That is why we have this idea in mind since the very conception of our products. Offering quality products that are beneficial to the well-being of our consumers is essential for all our teams.

We are convinced that what you drink is the key to your well-being. Moreover, water is vital for all of us, as human body is composed of 70% of water. Our products play an important role in maintaining good health. It is recommended to drink at least 1.5L of water daily, so it is necessary to hydrate throughout the day, even when the thirst is not felt.

The composition of Vital

All our efforts are focused on providing you with safe and wholesome bottled water. So you can hydrate yourself by consuming Vital Eau de Source with confidence. Our bottled water is a guarantee of quality that ensures the purity of the water and protects it from any external elements.

Thanks to its balanced composition, Vital eau de source can be consumed by everybody daily. Moreover, no chemical molecules of conservation is added, which makes Vital a 100% natural water and "eau de source".

composition vital eau de source

The importance of water

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